Rolling Marbles

Rolling Marbles 1.05

An action-puzzle game where you have to burst marbles against time!
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Rolling Marbles is a fun game for any age that keeps players quite entertained for some time. The goal of the game is to group marbles of the same color to eliminate or burst them out. In order to do this the player must rotate a set of marbles and form groups of marbles of the same color. The game includes fifty action levels and 25 logical ones.

Rolling Marbles can be played in one or two-player modes, and it has great graphics and a smooth animation. Players will try to form series of four or six marbles of the same color and then these groups will burst, leaving more room on the game board. The game is similar to other puzzles, but has a more varied gameplay and more mental-logical challenges. Game modes include playing against the clock or against an opponent. Two player mode is not limited to the same computer, as it can be played online - by modem, serial port or over the Internet.

The shareware version is limited to ten of the 75 levels, but players still have a taste of the fun and the game action. The game is available for Windows (Vista included) and Mac.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Good graphics
  • Low resource consumption
  • Mind challenging


  • Only 10 levels in the trial version
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